• Ground salt

    - A gift from the sun, sea, wind & mother earth -

    SAHU granular salt is natural sea salt produced by traditional methods on natural sandy soil. Soil moisture helps salt crystallize slowly, creating a rich, mineral-rich sea salt with a distinctive taste. Sahu salt is 100% natural, unrefined, and contains no anti-caking agents or other chemicals added during the production process.

    Sa Huynh salt has long been famous for its delicious flavor. Today, Sahu granulated salt is favored by many families and chefs. The taste of granulated salt is not too salty and has a sweet aftertaste, and seasoning makes the dish more delicious without the use of flavor enhancers.

  • Fleur de sel (flowers of salt)

    - Very popular premium seasoning -

    SAHU is the first unit to produce quality salt flowers in Vietnam since 2017 and officially put the product on the market since 2018. Vietnamese people prefer to use fish sauce & soy sauce over salt, however salted flowers. is still well received & preferred because of its delicious taste. This is also a positive signal to revive the traditional salt industry in Sa Huynh salt fields.

  • Smoked salt

    - Traditional Vietnamese salt -

    Smoked salt is a product using the method of processing raw salt into cooked salt used by the ancestors in Vietnam. Especially in areas near the sea, eating smoked salt is a long-standing habit of Vietnamese people. The heating of granulated salt in a clay pot at a high temperature makes the salt dry and smooth, with a fragrant kitchen smoke and high positivity according to macrobiotics. Since ancient times, Vietnamese people have had a habit of eating fruit with smoked salt; this is also the principle of macrobiotic eating, combining foods with yin (fruit) and yang (smoked salt) to create balance.

  • Bamboo salt

    - The product is a full combination of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth materials -

    The method of making bamboo salt originates from Korea and involves heating sea salt in a fresh bamboo tube with a clay head. Sahu Bamboo Salt has a pure aroma from bamboo tubes, a mild salty taste, a sweet aftertaste, and is rich in minerals from sea salt, bamboo, and clay.

    Premium bamboo salt is a kind of salt with a beautiful iridescent luster, created by special techniques. This is not just plain sea salt but also a special sparkling decoration. Premium bamboo salt has a very special taste and is suitable for sprinkling on all dishes, improving the quality of your meals.

  • Black pepper salt

    Tien Phuoc black pepper is a type of pepper with a special spicy aroma. This premium variety is expensive, but not many people know about it. Because it is naturally cultivated in the gardens of households living here, Tien Phuoc pepper concentrates on quality rather than quantitySuitable for BBQ dishes, meat, eggs, seafood, etc.

  • Red chili salt

    Native red chili, grown in SAHU's garden. Red chili peppers have an attractive spicy taste. Local chili varieties are loved by many people here. We do not use chemicals, chemical fertilizers in the process of cultivating and preserving chili. Peppers are grown 100% naturally, giving off a delicious, spicy flavor that stimulates your taste buds. Suitable for seafood, BBQ, fruit, etc.

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