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Premium Sea salt with refillable grinder

Premium Sea salt with refillable grinder

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SAHU granular salt is natural sea salt produced by traditional methods on natural sandy soil. Soil moisture helps salt crystallize slowly, creating a rich, mineral-rich sea salt with a distinctive taste. Sahu salt is 100% natural, unrefined, and contains no anti-caking agents or other chemicals added during the production process.

Sa Huynh salt has long been famous for its delicious flavor. Today, Sahu granulated salt is favored by many families and chefs. The taste of granulated salt is not too salty and has a sweet aftertaste, and seasoning makes the dish more delicious without the use of flavor enhancers.

Shipping & Returns

  1. Exchange & return policy

All products bearing the SAHU brand are produced by SAHU Salt Company Limited. Thanks to the strict control process from raw materials to processing, we commit that our products meet market circulation standards, completely natural, without chemicals. Due to natural characteristics, some products do not contain colorants, drying agents, or anti-caking agents. There will be changes in color and moisture under certain conditions... but the quality is completely guaranteed. taste. We accept exchanges and returns to satisfy customers.

Products can be returned within 7 days of receipt. Returned products must still have seals, labels intact and be in resalable condition.

All returns are subject to product availability in stock. If in case the product is no longer in stock, SAHU has the right to provide the Customer with information about alternative products of equal or higher quality and value that the Customer can purchase. If the Customer does not wish to purchase such replacement products, SAHU will refund the money for the returned product.

  1. Return and exchange process.


After the order is confirmed, if the Customer wants to return, please follow the following process:
Step 1: Log in to your shopping account at website

Step 2. Select Manage > Return request

Step 3: select the return product & fill in the reason for return
Step 4: press the button to request a return

SAHU will contact and process the Customer's request to exchange or return goods within 3-7 working days from the date of receiving the information.

Customers please call or text zalo to 0917 01 04 08 for the earliest support.

Method of Preservation

For SAHU sea salt:

Store in sealed packaging, in a cool, dry place

Natural sea salt products may become wetter in humid weather conditions. The juice in the salt dissolves and collects at the bottom of the bag/jar. Customers just need to discard this water and use normal salt.

To avoid watery salt, please dry the salt in the sun or dry/bake (70-80 degrees for 30 minutes), the salt will become dry.

Natural sea salt is recommended to be stored in ceramic or glass containers with lids.

Seasoning salt products should be covered after use to preserve the natural aroma of spices (an important factor for better seasoning salt). All seasoning salt products do not use colorants, flavor enhancers... so the color of the product is natural from the ingredients. Therefore they easily fade. However, the taste is still preserved. Customers can store in the refrigerator or a place not exposed to sunlight to preserve the color better.

For dried seafood & SAHU fish sauce:

All SAHU dried seafood & fish sauce products do not use preservatives, flavor enhancers, coloring agents, etc. Customers should store them in the refrigerator to keep the color and quality of the product at its best.

Some products easily change color if left for a long time (anchovies become dry), but the quality and taste of the product remains unchanged and can be used as usual.

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Handy Mill

Salt is stored in a glass jar with a lid attached with a convenient rotary knob. When using, just turn the knob and the salt will fall out.

  • Preserve the taste

    The salt is finely ground just when you need to eat it, this helps the taste of the salt to be preserved for a long time in the glass jar. The salt particles after grinding from the Mill are smooth, easy to use, and easy to dissolve in the mouth.

  • Easy quantification

    The grains of salt are finely ground, spongy, evenly and slowly, easily approximating just enough to sprinkle on your delicious food.