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4-times-baked bamboo salt

4-times-baked bamboo salt

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SAHU 4-times baked bamboo salt is a type of sea salt that is baked in a fresh bamboo pile, the cap is covered with red clay, and baked continuously for 4 times 

The method of making bamboo salt originates from Korea. The more times the salt is heated, the stronger its medicinal properties.

SAHU 4-times-baked bamboo salt has a very characteristic salty taste, mild and egg-like.

After heating 4 times, the salt absorbs many minerals from the bamboo. Minerals such as K, P, Fe, Pt, Se, Zn, etc. increase, reducing the amount of Na, Ca, Mg, etc., creating multi-mineralization.

Ingredients: bamboo salt baked 4 times.
User manual: used in cuisine, skin care, health care, etc
Storage: in sealed packaging, cool and dry place
TTCB: If the salt becomes damp due to the weather, you can dry it in the sun or bake it in the oven (100 degrees Celsius, 10 minutes). The salt will dry and be used normally.
Made in Viet Nam
Expiration date: 3 years from date of manufacture.
Production at SAHU Salt Company Limited Branch - Chau Me Village, Pho Chau Commune, Duc Pho Town, Quang Ngai Province

The amount of bamboo salt used depends on age, health status... Below are some instructions for your reference, you can customize the amount to suit your condition.

Eating bamboo salt as a seasoning and dipping sauce helps supplement minerals that promote enzyme activity and strengthen the immune system. A healthy person should consume 3-4g of bamboo salt/day. However, if you consume more meat or fast food than usual, you can use more bamboo salt to promote digestion and detoxify the body. When you sweat a lot or feel tired, bamboo salt can help you feel better through correcting the imbalance of electrolytes in the body.

Some applications from bamboo salt:

(*) Use bamboo salt by dissolving it with saliva: Put a pinch of calcined bamboo salt 4 times in your mouth and suck it with your saliva. After holding bamboo salt with saliva for a long time, swallow it little by little. Saliva contains many enzymes, minerals and hormones that help increase effectiveness when combined with bamboo salt. After swallowing bamboo salt for about 30 minutes, drink water. This helps promote metabolism, detoxify and many other uses.

In cuisine:

- 4 times fired bamboo salt is suitable for grilling meat, fish, soups, stews, kimchi, soy sauce, etc. The unique minerals of 4 times fired bamboo salt help flavor the dish. , more delicious & sweeter.

Brush one's teeth:

-Wet the toothbrush and sprinkle burnt bamboo salt 4 times, then brush your teeth and gently brush your gums. (So ​​do not spit it out but swallow it or hold it with water and swallow). Bamboo salt baked 4 times helps prevent tooth decay, is good for gums, disinfects, and deodorizes.

Reduce fatigue, increase blood circulation:

- Soak the burnt bamboo salt 4 times with saliva and then swallow like (*)

-Mix 2-3g of bamboo salt baked 4 times in 500ml of water and drink every day.

Supports the treatment of sinusitis and nose:

Four times calcined bamboo salt has antihistamine properties and will act as an antibacterial agent

- Wash your nose with high concentration 4 times calcined bamboo salt water or inhale bamboo salt powder.

- You should use bamboo salt to cook regularly when you have sinusitis or nasal inflammation. You should suck bamboo salt with saliva and swallow like (*)

- Dissolve 1-3g of bamboo salt calcined 4 times in 100ml of water and wait for the impurities (mainly black dots from bamboo charcoal) to settle to the bottom, put the solution into a spray bottle and use for nasal spray.

-Mix 2-3g of bamboo salt, calcined 4 times in 500ml of water, drink 500ml-1L per day.

Supports stomach diseases (gastritis, acid reflux...), supports bronchial diseases (asthma, phlegm, cough...), detoxifies...

- Soak bamboo salt with saliva and swallow like (*)

- Mix 2-3g of bamboo salt, calcined 4 times in 500ml of water and drink every day , drink 500ml-1L per day

-Grill the garlic in the oven or in a pan, sprinkle bamboo salt on the garlic and eat. You should use 3-5 garlic bulbs with roasted bamboo salt 4 times a day.

-Use bamboo salt fired 4 times to season food every day


-Before and during exercise and movement, drinking water mixed with a pinch of bamboo salt helps prevent dehydration, cramps, and helps muscles recover quickly.

Eliminate bad breath:

-Chew bamboo salt in your mouth and swallow to help remove bad breath from the oral cavity.

Reduce symptoms of intoxication:

-Eat baked bamboo salt 4 times before and after drinking beer and wine

Reduce cold symptoms:

-Gargle your mouth regularly with bamboo salt water. After eating bamboo salt, drink a cup of hot ginger tea.

-Use 1/2 teaspoon of bamboo salt heated 4 times with ginger tea or eat 1 tablespoon of soy sauce brewed from bamboo salt

Protects the larynx:

-Soaking bamboo salt with saliva and swallowing regularly will be good for the vocal cords and throat

Pain relief:

-Heat the bamboo salt in a pan, then wrap it in a cloth and apply it to the painful area

Skin care, support for dermatitis and pimples:

- Dissolve 3g of bamboo salt baked 4 times in 100ml of water and then spray on the skin regularly

-Massage your face with bamboo salt: after washing your face with warm water, take 1/2 teaspoon of bamboo salt and massage your face for 30 seconds, rinse with cold water. Helps skin smooth, clean, eliminates acne by promoting blood circulation.

- Apply mask with bamboo salt: mix bamboo salt with water to create a thick mixture, apply on face for 5 minutes and rinse. Helps facial skin become healthier, prevents acne, bacterial inflammation...

- Fill the tub with warm water at 37-39 degrees Celsius, dissolve 150-300g of bamboo salt baked 4 times, soak the body for 30-40 minutes

- Soaking in bamboo salt bath promotes metabolism and blood circulation. It also reduces stress and tension due to stimulation of physical pressure points and enhances muscle flexibility.

- Use bamboo salt to massage deeply into fatty areas such as the abdomen, thighs or joints with arthritis.

- Detox the skin by mixing a spoonful of bamboo salt with a little water and applying it to the desired skin area then massage. Rinse with water after 5 minutes. You may experience temporary itching after the initial bamboo salt massage. You don't need to worry about this because it is caused by waste accumulated in the body being discharged.



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Shipping & Returns

  1. Exchange & return policy

All products bearing the SAHU brand are produced by SAHU Salt Company Limited. Thanks to the strict control process from raw materials to processing, we commit that our products meet market circulation standards, completely natural, without chemicals. Due to natural characteristics, some products do not contain colorants, drying agents, or anti-caking agents. There will be changes in color and moisture under certain conditions... but the quality is completely guaranteed. taste. We accept exchanges and returns to satisfy customers.

Products can be returned within 7 days of receipt. Returned products must still have seals, labels intact and be in resalable condition.

All returns are subject to product availability in stock. If in case the product is no longer in stock, SAHU has the right to provide the Customer with information about alternative products of equal or higher quality and value that the Customer can purchase. If the Customer does not wish to purchase such replacement products, SAHU will refund the money for the returned product.

  1. Return and exchange process.


After the order is confirmed, if the Customer wants to return, please follow the following process:
Step 1: Log in to your shopping account at website

Step 2. Select Manage > Return request

Step 3: select the return product & fill in the reason for return
Step 4: press the button to request a return

SAHU will contact and process the Customer's request to exchange or return goods within 3-7 working days from the date of receiving the information.

Customers please call or text zalo to 0917 01 04 08 for the earliest support.

Method of Preservation

For SAHU sea salt:

Store in sealed packaging, in a cool, dry place

Natural sea salt products may become wetter in humid weather conditions. The juice in the salt dissolves and collects at the bottom of the bag/jar. Customers just need to discard this water and use normal salt.

To avoid watery salt, please dry the salt in the sun or dry/bake (70-80 degrees for 30 minutes), the salt will become dry.

Natural sea salt is recommended to be stored in ceramic or glass containers with lids.

Seasoning salt products should be covered after use to preserve the natural aroma of spices (an important factor for better seasoning salt). All seasoning salt products do not use colorants, flavor enhancers... so the color of the product is natural from the ingredients. Therefore they easily fade. However, the taste is still preserved. Customers can store in the refrigerator or a place not exposed to sunlight to preserve the color better.

For dried seafood & SAHU fish sauce:

All SAHU dried seafood & fish sauce products do not use preservatives, flavor enhancers, coloring agents, etc. Customers should store them in the refrigerator to keep the color and quality of the product at its best.

Some products easily change color if left for a long time (anchovies become dry), but the quality and taste of the product remains unchanged and can be used as usual.

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